Body Piercing at Area 51 is a "WALK IN SERVICE"

Tuesday to Saturday, 10.15am - 4.45pm

With over 18 years in the industry we pride ourselves on providing the latest techniques in body piercing. We are at the forefront of modern sterilization and sanitation protocols and our body piercing studio provides a clean, safe and friendly environment which complies with Basingstoke and Deane’s health and safety guidelines. Our piercing team are fully trained in multiple techniques and complex piercings. They will provide expert advice on all aspects of body piercing, body jewellery and aftercare.



We pierce lobes from 10 years old and upwards. We do not use guns at Area 51 as they cannot be sanitised and carry the risk of infection. We will only pierce with needles in the studio, this is the most hygienic and accurate way to pierce. No two people are the same and have different needs when it comes to the length of bar we use, the legnth of the bar cannot be changed when piercing with a gun and is a 'one size fits all' approach to piercing that we do not agree with. We can use plain silver, silver gem set, gold or black titanium barbells. The healing process is around 6-8 weeks



We can do helix piercings from 13 years old. This is a very quick and simple piercing. The healing period for this piercing is around 8-12 weeks, this is dependant on how well you look after it. Please be advised that the healing process can take longer as it is in an area which is prone to being knocked and caught. We advise piercing the side you sleep on less. We can pierce any part of the top ear dependant on anatomy and we offer double and triple helix piercings for a discounted price.



The nostril is a very popular place to pierce. At Area 51 we pierce with a titanium cork screw stud which aids the healing process and sits comfortably in the nose. You can choose from silver, gem-set silver, gold or black coloured titanium jewellery. We will not pierce with a ring as this is detrimental to the healing process. The healing process is around 6-12 weeks.



We can pierce most parts of the ear depending on anatomy. Please feel free to look online and bring us in a reference photo if you can't find what you want on our price list. Our piercing team are trained to pierce most areas.



We pierce lips with longer, flat backed bars for healing reasons. Usually the lip area will swell for 1-2 weeks and after the swelling has subsided the jewellery can be replaced with a shorter bar or a ring. The heaing time of lip piercings is around 6-8 weeks.



Navel piercings are very popular, the most popular placement being the upper part of the navel. We can also pierce the bottom and either side. The healing process usually lasts up to 6-8 weeks. We pierce with different sized bars depending on your individual anatomy and these can be changed to a smaller size once the swelling has subsided and the piercing has healed.



We can pierce male nipples from the age of 16 and female nipples from the age of 18. We use titanium bars that are longer than needed to allow for inital swelling. The healing period of this piercing is usually around 6-8 weeks depending on how well it is looked after in the healing process.



Daith piercings are popular with people who suffer from migraines as the positioning of the piercing is through a pressure point which can give relief. This is not guaranteed, however we have had a fair amount of good feedback from our customers.

The healing time for this piercing is much longer than others because of the area it is in. This piercing takes 6 months to a year to fully heal and we do not recommend changing the jewellery unless it is necessary. It is extremely important to follow the aftercare instructions we give for a hassle free healing process without any complications.



Please see our price list for all the other piercings we offer.

Aftercare advise

Movement Lumps
Oral Piercing Aftercare
Microdermal Aftercare
General Piercing Aftercare

Our Piercing Jewellery

Our body jewellery is made of 365L medical grade titanium. The black and gold colouring is a PVD coating. Its very hard wearing and is suitable for all piercings. Since the 1950s titanium has been used in various medical applications by the medical industry, these include: dental implants, shoulder joints, hearing aids and hip sockets. This strong and corrosion-resistant element has natural properties that make it reliable and fully biocompatible.

Polished Titanium

PVD Gold

Black Titanium

Body Piercing Shop Rules

At Area 51 we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are parents ourselves and understand the boundaries that need to be set for our children and young adults. Although there is no legal age for body piercing, Area 51 operates within the guidelines set out below:

Piercing Age policy

10-13 Years Old:

The minimum age for piercing ear lobes is 10 years old and for the helix (top of ear/ear rim) it is 13 years old. We do not use guns, only needles. Needle piercing is far superior when compared to gun piercing. Not only can piercing guns not be properly sanitised, but they cause blunt force trauma to the ear which can impact the healing process in a negative way. We use longer bars to allow for swelling which lets the piercing breathe and heal quickly. The bar size we use is dependant on the thickness of the lobe we are piercing.

14+ Years Old:

Any piercing except tongue, genital, surface, microdermaland female nipple. For this age bracket a parent or legal guardian must be present in the shop to sign the consent form (ID may be required from both the child and the parent to prove parental status).

16+ Years Old:

Any piercing except surface, genital, microdermals and female nipple. Valid photographic ID may be required if you look under 25. We can accept college ID that shows D.O.B.

18+ Years Old:

Any piercing, however valid photographic ID may be required if you look under 25.

Identification Requirements

If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25, you may be asked for valid photographic ID. Please bring your physical ID with you as photographs or copies of the original will not be accepted.

We accept the following:

A Parent (a parent can come in and consent on your behalf if you do not have ID with you)


Citizen card

Validate card

College Card (must be photographic and show D.O.B)

Driving licence

NUS card

Any ID card with the PASS holigram

Public/Civil Service ID


British Army ID