Laser Tattoo


If you are thinking about having a tattoo removed, pop into the studio to see us and we can explain the process in detail, answer any questions you may have and possibly perform a small patch test. We can assess the patch test area after a few days. If we are satisfied with how well it is healing we can then laser the whole tattoo. We typically laser once every 6 weeks. It is very difficult to determine how many treatments will be needed as each tattoo is different. To lighten a tattoo enough for cover-up work it will take up to 5 sessions.

Laser Prices

Prices shown are a rough guide only. We need to see the tattoo in person as the prices given are for block tattoos and do not take into consideration any spaces between linework or irregular shaped tattoos.

What to Expect

Laser tattoo removal works by shooting light into the skin. We use a set frequency and power each session. The light hits the ink particals and breaks them down so that the bodies natural immune system can remove the smaller ink particals. This is a slow process can take up to 6 months. The laser does this without affecting any surrounding tissue to any great extent. The pain varies from person to person. Most customers compare it to the pain of an elastic band hitting your skin repeatedly. A small area of 2 x 2 inches will take around 5 seconds to treat.