Danielle Stanton

Specialising in black and grey and delicate linework, Danielle has four years of experience behind her and a stunning portfolio to match. With a passion for florals, nature-inspired works and symbology, Danielle loves taking on projects both big and small. Email her directly at the address below to book in for your dream tattoo.

Gary Mossman

Specialising in large-scale realism and portrait projects, Gary is a world-renowned artist with a strong portfolio of stunning work. Passionate about his craft, Gary prefers to take on larger projects, particularly portraiture and detailed artwork.

To book in with Gary, contact him via his website below. Please note, due to the high volume of enquiries he receives, you may not receive an immediate response.

Duncan Stone

With fifteen years experience behind him, Duncan specialises in colour work, with a particular passion for watercolour and colour realism tattoos. Currently taking bookings for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, contact Duncan via the contact form available on our website to book your next tattoo.

Follow the paypal link below for all tattoo deposits for Duncan only. Please do not pay any deposits unless instructed to do so. Thanks very much.